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  • My Name is Michael, I'm a Pupil of the Regiomontanus Gymnasium in Hassfurt ( Our wiki: Rmgwiki ) Iḿ 15 years old and live in Wonfurt. I'm a Intercampio from Dagmar Salzwedel, Stefen Wasser is also here but only until Friday, but I gonna stay until Monday, then We'll have a looooong trip home ( The voyage will last over 26 hours ).
  • A tip, if you would like to translate something, just use Leo.org. :D we also did a page in Religíon! Here you can see it: Here the Link

At the Moment I'm on a Students exchange in Spain with the Lope de Vega, Here we did a lot of amusing Things:

Here you get the Guide of it: Programa de Intercampio


At first we di - ... stop - no I'm an intelligent student and We have already written all that so here you can see the Program for the whole week! :)


The voyage was long but, in the end it was really nice with all the friends around us, AND I can definitely say that Benidorm is the best Town I could have taken too, from all the other exchange towns!


We were in Alicante, it was very warm, but still really good! :D We visited the Castle, the Town, and The Archaeological Museum MARQ.


We were in Valencia, and got a nice city guide, with whom we walked through the whole town and visited interresting places. We also have seen the thinnest house of the world and we went into the 'city of