23 - 30 Abril 2011

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Es.gif Profesor Alejando 800px-Flag of Turkey.svg.png

Es.gif Angelica - 800px-Flag of Turkey.svg.png Sandra

800px-Flag of Turkey.svg.png Asya - Es.gif Léa

800px-Flag of Turkey.svg.png Buse - Es.gif Lisa

Es.gif Carlos - 800px-Flag of Turkey.svg.png Sinan

800px-Flag of Turkey.svg.png Ferkan - Es.gif Luís

800px-Flag of Turkey.svg.png Fuat - Es.gif Rafael

800px-Flag of Turkey.svg.png Melisa - Es.gif Patricia

Saturday 23 April

10:30 Transporte por padres al nuevo aeropuerto de Alicante
11:10 Encuentro en el aeropuerto de Alicante frente al mostrador de Iberia
13:10 Salida del vuelo Iberia IB5331 a Madrid

20110423-ES-TR 01 Avion.jpg

14:10 Llegada Madrid Barajas, terminal 4
18:00 Salida Madrid Barajas, terminal 4S, con Iberia IB3762
22:55 Arrival at Ataturk Airport Istanbul; Pick up, journey to AÇI school downtown, meeting and staying with families: everything went without complications and we went to bed at about 01:00 on Sunday morning

Sunday 24 April

We met the students at 11:00 downtown, where they had brunch together with their turqish fellow students. Later on they went with them ????.

Beverley and Horst went with Alejandro walking along the Bosphorus. In the evening we had dinner together with Kerim.

Monday 25 April

Monday morning, like all other days except Friday, the spanish students arrived together with their fellow students at AÇI Highschool, where they had a history lecture in English, everyday by another teacher.

After having a brunch, at 10:00 we went with our guide Kaan to Istanbul. First we visited the Spice Bazaar, than we had Fish & Bread and saw the New Mosque next to the Bazaar.

Later on we walked to the Süleymaniye Mosque (map), than we went by tram, furniculare and metro to Kanyon Shopping Mall, where the students played Laser tag. In the evening we had dinner together with all students.

Tuesday 26 April

Tuesday we went with our guide Aydin and Nevra to Aya Sofia (map), after that to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque ("Blue Mosque") (map)

Later we briefly visited the Grand Bazaar.

Wednesday 27 April

Wednesday with our guide Sina Kural we went thru a street with ongoing road works the Galata Tower, than we walked towards the Taksim Square (map). After another Kebab we went by metro to Dolmabahçe Palace, but had neither enough time nor money to enter. The school transport service took us to a Istinye Park Shopping Mall.

Thursday 28 April

Wednesday with our guide Berk Uralcan we first visited the very crowdy Topkapi Palace (map), thereafter the Basilica Cistern (map),

Friday 29 April

Friday no classes took place and we were together all day with the turkish students. We went all day to one of the Princes Islands, Büyükada. Lea and Asia unfortunately could not come with us. In the evening the students joined 12 grade turkish students for a farewell dinner. At midnight they came to AÇI Highschool, where they slept few hours until they had to go at Saturday morning 04:00 to the Atatürk airport.

Saturday 30 April

04:00 Meeting at school, transport to Ataturk airport terminal I
06:55 Departure with IB3763 to Madrid Barajas
10:15 Arrival at Madrid barajas, terminal 4S
11:40 Departure from Madrid Barajas terminal 4 with IB5330
12:40 Arrival at Alicante, reception by parents and transport to Benidorm
14:00 Arrival at Benidorm