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  Clicking on the Edit tab of the Comenius User page opens the edit box and some editing help buttons on top of it. These buttons are useful for the beginner who you still does not remember basic wiki codes. Let´s do some editing. Just write some text, like: "Hello world". Now mark the text and click on the bold B on top of the edit box. To see the result of your first editing, click on the Save page button below the edit box. You see the bold text "Hello world". Click again on the edit tab on top of the page, highlight the text again and now click on the italic I and later on Preview. This enables you to see the final result of your editing without closing the edit box. "Hello World" now appears in bold and italic.

Now lets make some sections, like Group 1, Group 2 and so on. This is done with equal signs before and after the text. You may do so either manually or using the capital A of the edit buttons. The more equal signs the lower the section level, which is automatically indicated in the table of content whenever there are more than four sections. Sections are not only important for a well structured page but also enable editing by sections or subsections, which becomes important when there is many text on the page. Remember that everything happens on line and the more items there are on one page the more internet bandwidth is required and slow connections may make working difficult.

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