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  Every page in our Wiki has a number of tabs on top. The first one indicates to which name space the page belongs - we shall learn about name spaces later. The second one is the discussion or talk page for this single page - it serves for leaving comments and observations. How to use it also shall be treated later. For the moment we shall use the most interesting one, the edit tab. Click on it and an edit box shall open, enabling you to edit the page. Exceptions are pages which have been protected, like the Main page; on them the edit tab is not available for normal users and replaced by a tab that reads "View source". For this exercise we shall use the proper User page of the user Comenius to which we get clicking on the User name on the upper right of our Wiki.

Help in English: Text pages and Videos: Welcome | Log in | Page tabs | Basic editing | SlideShare
...y ahora también hay una extensa Ayuda en Castellano.