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  Let´s learn how to upload and link a presentation you made with an application like Powerpoint or Open Office. This can be done in three steps.
  • First step: Click on Help on the sidebar and under the Trainee section look for the link to How to embed: ..... SlideShare Presentations. Clicking on it takes you to the page where you see the instructions how to use this widget and with the code you need. Copy the code.
  • Second step: Let´s assume that you want to present your presentation on the User page for the Comenius user. To get there click on the user name and than on the edit tab. Paste the code for the Slideshare widget, still with the wrong ID. This we shall fix in the third step
  • Third step: The third step is to upload the presentation to SlideShare.Net, where you must have created an account earlier in order to do so. In this example we shall log in with my User name. Now you click on the Upload button and follow the instructions. Once the presentation has uploaded successfully you shall find it under MySlidespace. Click on the presentation you want to link to, click on the word custom right to the box with the embedding code, and copy the ID from the WordPress.com box. Now go back to the page in our Wiki where you want the presentation to appear on. Paste the copied code somewhere into the edit box, identify and copy the document code after the equal sign and paste it into the widget. Now just save the page and you can see the presentation working.

Help in English: Text pages and Videos: Welcome | Log in | Page tabs | Basic editing | SlideShare
...y ahora también hay una extensa Ayuda en Castellano.