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According to the France agreement all students are working on the common question:
"What are the effects of global warming on water management from a geographical, social, political and economic point of view"


Fr.gif France: Nov 2009 | Oct 2009
Nl.gif Netherlands: Nov 2009 | Oct 2009 | Dutch meeting
Se.gif Sweden: Nov 2009 | Oct 2009 | Swedish meeting
Es.gif Spain: Jun 2010 | May 2010 | Abr 2010 | Mar 2010 | Feb 2010 | End Nov 2009 | Nov 2009 | Oct 2009 | May 2009 | Nov 2008

Group 1


Hello, my name is Sofie and im 16 years old and i'm a student at the Rolinby gymnasium in sweden, i'm studying the Society Economy program. I'm in the golf profile and that means that i get to play golf on school time four times a week. So now i get to play golf in my sparetime and on school time.

Hi, my name is Niklas Im 15 years old and i like to play soccer and being with my friends at my sparetime. I´m going in the same class as Sophie. I play soccer in school and at my sparetime wich i like very much. All in our group go in the program Society Economy.

Ey, my name is Linus as you may have realised i have been inspired by the Fonz in his greating way. On my sparetime i do lots of stuff like that I read manga, watch anime and listen and play music all day long so you could say that i'm a total manga and music freak.

Hello, my name is Therese and i´m 16 years old. I love to shop and be with friends. I also love summers because it´s my birthday then. I´m studying Society Economy program in Röllingby.

Hi my name is Firat i love soccer and i go to the same program as the rest in group 1. Hi play soccer on my sparetime but also at my school time couse of a special program at our school

We have searched for information and found some good information but we havn't summarized everything yet.

Group 2


We are group 2 in Åkersberga (north of Stockholm), Sweden and here’s some information about what we are doing and who we are.

There’s eight of us in our group, we are all 16 years old (well almost everyone) and goes in the same school and in the same class.

Our upper secondary schools name’s Röllingby and we’ve just began year one. Our line is social studies that we all will be reading this year, but in year two we will have the choice to read economy if you want to, or just stick to reading social studies.

Here’s our group:

Hi, my name’s Dennis Wik. In my spare time I love to play soccer, professional and just for fun. My favourite soccer team is Manchester United.

Hello! My name’s Emma Björklund. I like to listen to music and play golf. And according to one of my friends I’m a fan of Arsenal.

Hi, I’m Emil Ullbrand. I really love soccer and my favourite team is F.C Barcelona. The team that I loathe is Real Madrid. By!

Hello, my name’s Max Söderberg. In my spare time I always visit my girlfriend, in fact that’s all that I do besides school…

Hi! Name’s Victor Eriksson. I’m fifteen, because my birthday’s in December. I’m interested in history, except for past – 19th century history.

In my spare time I like to play computer games and a good book is always nice.

I’m not capable of killing anything bigger than a mosquito. By!

Hi! Name’s Matilda Johansson. The funniest subject in school must be English, because I’m really good at it. The worst is math and all the natural science.

In my spare time I love to listen to music, such as Beyoncé, Adiam Dymott, John ME (you must listen to “Love is my drug”) Thåström (a Swedish guy) and Kings of Leon, which by the way is the best band in the whole entire world! Their album “Because of the times” is probably the greatest album that’s ever been made! I also do some jogging and Pilates to keep my body in good shape. And of course I´ with my friends. By!

In our group we’ve divided us into smaller groups of two and two so that we can all focus on the subjects that have been given to us.

Viktor and Max are working together and their subject is water issues from a political view.

They have discussed the climate meeting in New York, which they thought was a disaster because Obama and China didn’t take their part and weren’t as serious as everyone else.

Dennis and Emil are working together and their subject is water issues from a social view. They found some information about that on the net and have started to discuss that people in Nicaragua is dying because of polluted water. Matilda and Emma are working together and their subject is water issues from a geographical view. They have been discussing that because of the sea level is rising, the Netherlands is building a wall to protect the cities that lies near the water. So that is how far we’ve come now.

We’ll send more info later. Have it nice! //Sweden

Group 3


We are eight in this group and we all attend the same classes, but here are some specific facts about us.


Hello, my name is Evelina Westroth, I'm 16 years old and live in Åkersberga a part from the capital of Sweden.

On my free time i dance Street-dance, be with friends and play guitar.

I am listening to Coldplay, Three Days Grace and The script, among other things.

Lineage i go on is social science at Röllingby high school and i go in the first ring.

Hello, my name is Tobias.

I live in Sweden. In the minicipality of Åkersberga. Im nineteen years old.

Im older than the others in my group beacause I flunked some courses, and Im now here to make sure I have enough points to continue my studies.

In my sparetime I like to take photos with my new DSLR camera. Im overall very interested in technical stuff.

Hello My name is Anton Klevstad. I'm live in Åkersberga (Stockholm). I like to just being with friends, look at television and play football. I'm playing football in a club here named Åkersberga Bk.

I'm going on Röllingby high school, community, focused football. I'm 16 years old, so this is my first year here.

Hello my name is Mattias Falck. I go on Röllingby gymnasium. On the soical since the line with an economic focus.

I live in Åkersberga with my family, mom and dad. On the speartime I am with my friends , playing soccer and some computer games.

Hello I'm Lina Hellström, I am 16 years. In my free time I play football and is with friends and my boyfriend. I live in Margretelund in Åkersberga. I go on Röllingby on the social science program.


My name is Anton Holmgren and I’m sixteen years old. I live in Åkersberga.

My favorite color is blue. My nemesis name is Akbar.

I play in a band called Levity Straggle, I usually play the drums but sometimes I play the harmonica.

In my spare time, I’m with friends or sometimes I’m trying to beat up Akbar. (I’m not a bully, it’s an AI)

I want to help saving the environment, so I’m doing all I can to help. =D

Hello dear, my name is Eric Öhnell and im born 1993 28 june and live in Stockholm.

I like to play soccer and be with friends. I love to be around the world. I study Sam Economic in high school in Åkersberga.

At freetime I play a lot off counter strike source, I play about 115 houres in two weeks.

I have two sisters and one big dog, his name is Carlos. I hop we see dear.

Hello my name is Emil Burman and i am 16 years old and live in Åkersberga. I have lived here since i was born and im born 1993 june 5.

At the freetime i like to play soccer with my friends and be with my girlfriend hows name Olivia.

At the freetime i love to play computer games to. I study Sam Economic in Åkersberga.

I have one brother and one ugly dog and his name is TUFFE THE MAN! xD

We have divided the work in pairs, two and two, so here are some of what we have come so far:

We hace started to look at the geographical problems in the world!

For example WHERE the big problems is and how we can stop it. / Anton K and Mattias

We have worked with the political part, we were inspired when we watched An Inconvenient Truth.

After we have written a small text about what we heard and did to us. As we continue to find more facts. / Evelina and Lina

We checked in the library literature, and concluded that we have some sources that are good. The books we have reviewed have some better information about what we need to move forward. / Anton H and Tobias

We have just start study Economic water problems in school. / Emil and Eric


Group 4


We are group number four from Sweden. There are 7 people in our group:

  • Rana Amin, 17
  • Sandra Vasquez, 16
  • Linnéa Almstedt, 16
  • Isabelle Sjöberg, 16
  • Charlotte Skogström, 16
  • Andrea Rytterborn, 16
  • Erik Lindström, 16

Our school is situated in a little suburb called Åkersberga outside Stockholm. The school is named Röllingby Gymnasium but soon it will change its name to Österåkers Gymnasium. Our school is really small, we only have 300 students here. There are only 14 students in our class. Everyone in our class, NV1, study natural science. A gymnasium is the same thing as a high school.

We just put a boot to the Comenius project by seeing the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore that we really recommend. We learned a lot from the movie. For example we learned that the drinking water in Himalaya has approached a critical state, that the Gulf Stream circulation might stop moving and that that may cause a new ice age if the glaciers melt away. We learned that 30 percent of all carbon emissions is caused by forest fires. Hurricanes have also suddenly appeared in places where scientists never thougt were possible, and that flooding is increasing in the world.

Here are some questions for you:

  1. How many are you in your group and what's your name?
  2. What subjects are you studying at school?
  3. What have you done so far in the Comenius project?
  4. What do you think about the issues our group brought up here?
  5. Do you have any questions for us?

Greetings from our group number four in Sweden!

Group 4, Sweden

Group 5

Hello! We are group five from Sweden. Our names are William, Emil, Olof,Richard, August, Nora and Kajsa. The name of our school is Röllingby and it is a pretty small scholl with about 300 pupils. In our Natural Science class we are just 14 pupils.

We have seen the movie an inconvinient truth, it is about global warming. We think global warming is bad and that it is mean and unnecessary for the environment. We think and would like to do something to slow down the global warming and maybe later stop the global warming completely.

We are looking forward to meet you and work with this important projekt to make a difference for the future environment in our world

Best regards group 5!

Group 6

Newsletter 1

Economic We have decided to try to find information about who is responsible of reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide, especially in the developing countries. And if the developing countries even have to reduce their emissions, but also compare the emissions in industrial vs developing countries. And what kind of consequences the economical situation will suffer if the emissions doesn't decrease.


Our group's writing about the social effects of global warming. We've started looking for information on the internet and have found a little.

We have begun to look at three different parts of the social effects: how the social health and deaseses changes, how the technical society changes and how refugees waves changes.

We have found a lot about deaseses and healthchanges, and are soon starting to take out the facts a write a text.

We have not found so much information about the technical changes in society, but we're continue searching.

When we writes about how global warming effects the refugees, we use a little information from internet and then we disguss the most of it in the group, because there is no specific facts about the refugee changes, so we must think for ourselves for once.


We (Oliver and Jani) decided to work with the political aspect. So far we have researched a little about the Copenhagen meeting. We haven't found a lot of information yet, but we are working on it. The following days we will try to gather the information we need so we can start writitng

Geographical Right now we are working on the global warming from a geographical point of view. So far we have only searched for information and read about it. This is what we found facts about:

  • The temperature is rising
  • Drought
  • Nature disasters
  • Melting of glaciers
  • Algbloom
  • The sealevel is rising
  • Permafrost
  • Floods
  • Some animal spieces are exctincted

Rainforest destruction

Group 7


By: Group 7 (Hampus)

Ni hao! This is group 7 from Sweden. We are part of class TE2, a study program focused on engineering and programming. Sadly, our class consists only of boys, but it’s still a pretty cool group of people. Our school is called ”Röllingby gymnasium”. Our school is pretty close to the glorious city of Stockholm, so that’s cool. It’s a school funded by government money, so it’s really not that awesome, even though batman once graduated here (true story.)

Group 7 is clearly the best group in this school (possibly in all schools, ever). The members of the group are Hampus Fristedt, a tall man with a great brain, Björn Ovesen, a man whose last name is the Swedish word for noise, Henrik Hårberg, our proud leader, Martin Jönsson, a Finnish immigrant with bracers and lastly, Carl Skogby, a man with tourettes syndrome.

The group will obviously do great things. We have talked about this paper that showed 100 ways to improve the environment. These tips were all pretty local and included stuff like planting a tree to shade your house or lowering the temperature in your house by a couple degrees. I don’t think anyone of us will ever use these tips, but that’s just ‘cause we’re terrible people. We also watched the movie “an inconvenient truth” for the eighth time, which was brilliant, because there just ain’t nothing like a good guilt trip. We also discussed some other environmental stuff, like the downsides of global warming. I think you know most of these problems, but I’m going to give you an example anyway. Did you know that if global warming keeps on going like this our planet will get warmer? Contrary to popular belief, this is actually bad ‘cause the arctic will melt and everyone living below sea level will die (or be forced to move.) Anyway, this is pretty much what we have been up to this semester (not a busy class) and I hope all you are doing OK.


Group 7, Sweden

Group 8


Group 9

Greetings from Sweden

We are students in group number nine and we are working on the Comenius project. We all live and go to school in Åkersberga, a place outskirt of Stockholm.

Our current school building is quite old and at winter it gets pretty cold, but it’s holding up. Next year, 2010, we will move to a bigger and much more modern school building. Overall it’s better in all ways and we’re looking forward to it.

So far we have worked with text about our environment one of them being hundred ways to improve our environment. That particular text was full of tips on how you could improve the environment just by being a little bit more considerate around the house.

Another text we worked on was about the lack of clean drinking water, that text was dealing with the environment more on a global level because the article dealt with the whole world.

Group 10

Hello group 10! This is our first newsletter. I have changed e-mail adress so when you send your newsletter to us, please use the following e-mail:

Saludos Met vriendelijke groeten À bientôt We learned that if we start lacking fresh water dehydration wouldn’t just be an isolated issue.

We would also be facing physical hygienically and mostly political problems.

Group 11


Here is the swedish group 11's first Newsletter.

Here is a link that you can use to download our Newsletter 1:

Click on the link and then scroll down to the end of the page, then press the download button.

Group 12

Hi! Here comes the newsletter from group 12, Sweden. Just click on the link and download the file. Then you got our Powerpoint !

Waiting for your newletter.