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E.S.O. 4B: Patricia, Fernando, Alba, Lea

1st Newsletter Oct 2009 LdV

We are preparing the topic of Water Catchment. It's about how each country obtains fresh water for human consumption, depending on the resources according to the geographical nature of their environment: rivers, lakes, aquifers, ice reservoirs, snow, etc... Analyse at the same time which are infrastructures for water capture and storage: dams, swamps, ditches, cisterns, etc... They have to develop by these countries to make viable the use of water obtained from these rivers, lakes, aquifers.

2nd Newsletter Nov 2009 LdV

During these weeks we have learnt the differences of getting water in countries of different continents, which made us aware of related problems. In our group we have realized that water consumption is highest in Asia, where also most of the water reserves can be found. See also graph of water management in Asia. On the other hand, Africa is the continent that consumes less water, and they also have neither means nor resources to obtain more water. We have done some summaries for every continent and compiled some graphics, which we are going to show in our final presentation.

Themes 2009/2010 in Lope de Vega, Spain:

01. Getting water | 02. Water management policy | 03. Population increase | 04. Deforestation | 05. Desertification | 06. Drought | 07. Human health | 08. Greenhouse effet | 09. Acid rain | 10. Melting of glaciers and poles | 11. Altered water cycle | 12. Conflicts for water