Comenius:2009.03: Population increase

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E.S.O. 4A: Laura, Claudia, Mari Nieves, Angelina

1st Newsletter Oct 2009 LdV

We talk about how gradual increase of population leads to greater demand for food, water and other natural resources. Another effect is increased industrial activity, which requires more fuel that may cause higher CO2 emission into the atmosphere and improper water management. Help us solve this problem that concerns us all.

2nd Newsletter Nov 2009 LdV

Until now we have been collecting information on the problem of overpopulation with respect to developing countries. From now on we will focus our project in more developed countries.

Themes 2009/2010 in Lope de Vega, Spain:

01. Getting water | 02. Water management policy | 03. Population increase | 04. Deforestation | 05. Desertification | 06. Drought | 07. Human health | 08. Greenhouse effet | 09. Acid rain | 10. Melting of glaciers and poles | 11. Altered water cycle | 12. Conflicts for water