Comenius:2009.05: Desertification

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E.S.O. 4B: Daniel Jaime, Valle, María RM, Davinia

1st Newsletter Oct 2009 LdV

Our topic is the desertification. This topic is very interesting, because it's one of the principal environmental problems in the world. Eventually it carries to environmental disasters. Its principal symptom is the degradation of the soil. The most important reasons are: the changes in the climate and human activities. There are two types of deserts, a natural desert and other desert formed by human activity. The desert has nothing to do with the heat, but the lack of water.

2nd Newsletter Nov 2009

We're working together, each group member has a sub topic about desertification, but we need to edit more information at the wiki. We are learning that this environmental problem is very serious. For example: the dry lands make up 41% of the surface on the world. In Asia the most affected area is in Central Asia. In Europe the most affected country is Spain. We want people to learn about this problem and know that it is part of the serious problems we have in the world.

Themes 2009/2010 in Lope de Vega, Spain:

01. Getting water | 02. Water management policy | 03. Population increase | 04. Deforestation | 05. Desertification | 06. Drought | 07. Human health | 08. Greenhouse effet | 09. Acid rain | 10. Melting of glaciers and poles | 11. Altered water cycle | 12. Conflicts for water