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Acid Rainyes.jpg

E.S.O. 4A: Vicent, María Dolores, Nuria, Annemijn Corjanne

1st Newsletter Oct 2009 LdV

We are going to talk about the acid rain and this is a little introduction. Man, through his activities disturbs the environment and interferes with the precipitation in two fundamental ways: with the building of cities and the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. Regarding air pollution, one of its most destructive effects is acid rain called so due to the high acidity of the water precipitated. The phenomenon of acid rain has a negative impact on the environment because it not only affects water quality but also soils, ecosystems, and particularly vegetation, decreasing diversity and increasing the effect of global warming. In this first phase we will find out what is acid rain, why it produces this effect, in which countries it occurs and how it affects the environment and people.

2nd Newsletter Nov 2009 LdV

We think that acid rain is a very interesting and very relevant topic. At first we struggled a bit to organize the information we had collected, but we are gradually advancing with the project. We were impressed about the effects of the acid rain in The United States, The Netherlands and Germany. Now we are going to work to verify the socio/politic consequences of this problem in most affected countries. We are making great efforts to do a good job, which is to achieve that everybody understands the basic concepts of acid rain and its effects.
Map of the most affected zones by acid rain

Themes 2009/2010 in Lope de Vega, Spain:

01. Getting water | 02. Water management policy | 03. Population increase | 04. Deforestation | 05. Desertification | 06. Drought | 07. Human health | 08. Greenhouse effet | 09. Acid rain | 10. Melting of glaciers and poles | 11. Altered water cycle | 12. Conflicts for water