Comenius:2009.10: Melting of glaciers and poles

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E.S.O. 4A: Mar Patricia, Carmen, Yelena Paloma, Pedro &
BAC 1 Ciencias del Colegio Almadrava, Marta M, Marta +, Nevada, Claudia

1st Newsletter Oct 2009 LdV

We're going to talk about the melting of the poles, and now this is a little summary. The earth is warming up. The gases that cause the Greenhouse effect retain the heat and increase the temperature of the earth's surface. While the poles are melting, the level of the water on the planet increases, and the inhabitable space is reducing at an increasing speed, and we have to find a solution for all this.

2nd Newsletter Nov 2009 LdV

We think that we are working on a very interesting topic. We're dividing it into two parts: the melting of the poles, and the big glaciers and ice covered mountains in the world. Regarding the melting of the poles, we distinguish three issues: What is the melting of the poles? Which are the causes for it, and which impact is this going to have on the water cycle? In our work about the glaciers and ice covered mountains we're going to concentrate our investigation on the biggest ice surfaces in the world, and what will happen if they melt.

Themes 2009/2010 in Lope de Vega, Spain:

01. Getting water | 02. Water management policy | 03. Population increase | 04. Deforestation | 05. Desertification | 06. Drought | 07. Human health | 08. Greenhouse effet | 09. Acid rain | 10. Melting of glaciers and poles | 11. Altered water cycle | 12. Conflicts for water