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According to the France agreement all students are working on the common question:
"What are the effects of global warming on water management from a geographical, social, political and economic point of view"


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Group 8

We are five guys, Martin, Marcus, Fredrik, Jacob and leader of the group, Melker

This is a letter from group 8 in Sweden. We are five guys, Martin, Marcus, Fredrik, Jacob and leader of the group, Melker.

We attend the technical program at our upper-secondary school Röllingby in Åkersberga. Åkersberga is located just outside Stockholm which is the capital city of Sweden.

We have been working with environmental issues on both a local and a global level. This year we have been focusing on global warming, the effects, consequences and how to prevent it. We discussed and worked with the value of water on a global level. Last year we worked with water only on a local level but this year the project is global.

We saw the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore, and that taught us a lot about carbon dioxide emissions and how to reduce them.

Looking forward to hearing from you. – Group Eight.

Group 9

Greetings from Sweden

We are students in group number nine and we are working on the Comenius project. We all live and go to school in Åkersberga, a place outskirt of Stockholm. <googlemap version="0.9" lat="59.459035" lon="18.146667" type="map" zoom="9" width="500" height="300" scale="yes"> (R) 59.486146, 18.297425, Nya Röllingby Gymnasium Hackstavägen 31-41 184 86 Åkersberga, Österåker, Estocolmo, Sweden </googlemap> Our current school building is quite old and at winter it gets pretty cold, but it’s holding up. Next year, 2010, we will move to a bigger and much more modern school building. Overall it’s better in all ways and we’re looking forward to it.

So far we have worked with text about our environment one of them being hundred ways to improve our environment. That particular text was full of tips on how you could improve the environment just by being a little bit more considerate around the house. Another text we worked on was about the lack of clean drinking water, that text was dealing with the environment more on a global level because the article dealt with the whole world.

We learned that if we start lacking fresh water dehydration wouldn’t just be an isolated issue. We would also be facing physical hygienically and mostly political problems.

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