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Diseases produced by water; Lope de Vega, Spain

  • Date: 3 December 2008
  • Authors: Lope de Vega: Melody Muñoz, Ana Galiana
  • Abstract: Some data about water diseases in the world, important types of diseases produced by water, and how to prevent them.

The recreational use and abuse of water on Österåcker, Sweden.

  • Date: 3 December 2008
  • Authors: Nya Röllingby Gymnasium, Åkersberga, Sweden: Mazyar Sajjadi, Caroline Odebring, Mia Johansson, Joakim Öhman, Anahi Muariño; Powerpoint by: Mazyar Sajjadi
  • Presentation transcript:
  1. Irrigation Use: Golf areas and the farmers field uses irrigation to grow the grass. Farmers only irrigate as much that’s needed, if it rains they don’t irrigate. They also don’t irrigate if the soil is wet or moist. This is positive irrigation because we need food such as corn, oats and wheats. Abuse: Our golfing areas use big fields of grass for their players. The grass needs to be in good condition, so they use irrigation on the fields. Sprinklers come up and water the grass, even when it rains. The golf areas also have big artificial ponds and fountains. This uses a lot of water.
  2. Ferries Use: Ferries have been an amusement attraction for people but it also a transport. Not only for people but also for export and import. Abuse: The beautiful nature of Österåker draws tourusts and also ferries and at the same time they sullies the water by releasing sewage water. That also affects the health of the people and the nature.
  3. Beaches Use: In Österåker we use the beaches as a place to swim and play on. You can also go canoeing and in the winter we use the ice that has laid on the water for skating. Abuse: During the summer we people bring food or bay ice cream. The wrapper that has been on the food, ice cream or candy isn’t always thrown in a bin. If the garbage ends up in the water it causes pollution.
  4. Boat life Use: In Österåker community boat life is very attractive. It’s a huge activity in the summer time for many families. There are schools where you can learn about boat life and boats and it’s very popular for younger people. Abuse: The boats release fuel in the water and causes damage for the environment. Many people have toilets on the boats. The faeces gets dumped out in the water and that is not nature friendly.
  5. Skiing Use: In Österåker skiing is considered a use of water. During the winter season snow naturally form small ski slopes in the hills where the inhabitants make use off most as an entertainment. Abuse: There is no abuse with skiing.
  6. Golfcourses Use: Golf is a very big sport here. It means lots of experience, concentration and being social with others. Abuse: On the golf courses they use a lot of irrigation. They also have a big artificial ponds and fountains. That means that they use a lot of water.
  7. Söra Local indoor swimming pool Use: Swimming is healthy and good to know in case of emergency. In Söra you can join the swimming team and you can also just swim for fun. Abuse: An indoor swimming pool uses many gallons of water each year. When the water gets dirty they have to exchange it.

Freshwater shortage · Sea level rise · Desertification · Flooding · Severe drought