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  • Objective: Interim Programme (Sep 2010 - Apr 2011, no funding) - Revise and discuss former day discusion results, formulate final agreement
  • Venue: Van der Capellen College, Zwolle, Netherlands
  • Session date and time: 27 April 2010, 09:30 - 11:00
  • Asistents:
    • FR: Amilie, Louis-Marie, Jean, Beltran
    • SE: Thomas, Peter, Mats, Paulo
    • NL: Henk, Arjen (Discusion leader)
    • TR: Kerim
    • ES: Aurea, Mario, Horst (Protocol)
  • Results:
    • Estimated numbers of participating students: 300 (Fr: 80, Sw: 40, Nl: 60, Tr: 30, Es: 60 (Lope de Vega) + 30 (Almadrava))
    • Deadlines for agreed topics:
      • 01 Oct 2010: User page established with information on age, likings, hobbies, photo if feasible, and other relevant information on the student observing national and international guidelines regarding the protection of personal data.
      • 19 Nov 2010: Diary written (on the same user page) for a normal school day by each participating student, as detailed as possible, and with specific values for: (1) amount of meat eaten in grams; (2) water used taking a shower in minutes (possibly converted later to liters of water); (3) number of sheets of writing paper used: and (4) usage of electric devices (like TV, PC, mobile phone) in minutes of usage.
      • 15 Jan 2011: Every student should have read four diaries and made two clearing questions.
      • 01 Feb 2011: The students should have read and answered the questions addressed to them. (Note by the author: originally we agreed that the answers also should been given until Jan 15th, but this obviously is not possible).
      • 01 Mar 2011: Averages per student from each participating country of the given amounts for meat eaten, shower time, etc. have been calculated and published on the Wiki by teachers in charge.
      • 01 Apr 2011: Published averages have been discussed in classrooms with students and comments have been made on respective Wiki pages, being the latter optional. It is up to each participating country to work further on the results obtained till this point and communicate them to participating parties via the Wiki, if they would like to do so.
    • Involving parents: The diaries should be revised by the parents and "signed" and/or commented by them. This may be done either in a brief, signed writing, forwarded to the respective teacher, or directly in the Wiki, using the same account as their child and marking it with something like "....father/mother of..." in order to indicate that the respective text was made by them.