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The participating colleges have agreed upon the following distribution of responsibilities:

  1. Necessary supervision for Project presentation at the European Commission
  2. Management and administration in order to assure smooth project development
  3. Overseeing administrative procedures
  4. Prepare reports on educational activities
  5. Prepare reports on economic assessments
  6. Ensure that members comply with indicated and agreed schedule
  7. Convene meetings with the chairmen and co-partner institutions
  8. Maintain regular contact with partners
  9. Coordinate the work within the project
  10. Monitor compliance with agreed objectives
  • Liceul Teoretic “Mihail Sadoveanu”, Romania - Prepares a list of questions to assess Project elements to be answered by teachers and students. Items of the evaluation are: procedure, results, means of communication, and cooperation among participating schools. They will also be responsible for maintaining the Website.