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Solutions to the effects of global warming on water management from a geographical point of view...proposed by

Es.gif Group 4

Group 4 is conformed by: Nevada, Claudia del Colegio Almadrava

Propose to stop the global warming with selective cultures

Certain plants can reflectar major quantity of solar light, cooling this way the surface of the Earth

Nowadays, the growth of the cultures produces already a cooling in the climate, due to the fact that these plants reflectan more light of the Sun towards the space that the natural vegetation.

Not all the plants have the same level of albedo and, therefore, not they all are capable of cooling the environment.

Varieties more reflectantes

The scientists make clear that those select more reflectantes the effect would improve cooler of the plants. Provided that the agriculture is a global industry, this measure of cooling might spread to any part of the planet.

Selection and genetic modification


The plants differ in his albedo for the differences in the properties of the surface of his leaves, and also for the disposition of these. To increase his capacity reflectante it might realize well selective cultures well to modify to the plants genetically, make clear the scientists.

The agricultural production of food would not meet affected, neither in his performance nor in his growth.

Bonds of carbon like remuneration

Los-sumideros-marinos-de-carbono-podrian-ser-una-alternativa-para-la-lucha-contra-el-cambio-climatico-y-II imagenGaleria.jpg

For the scientists, the measure of the selection of cultures depending on the albedo of the plants to cultivate supposes a realistic alternative that will allow to reduce the drought and the heat waves. The results would meet in addition prompt, and would have an economic very low cost.

Necessary Geoingeniería

Flettner spray vessel.jpg

The possibility that the emission of greenhouse gases takes us to a climatic over-excited condition has stimulated the specialists to looking for technological solutions on a large scale planetary to reduce the global warming.

To create a great parasol with microsatellites or to spray the clouds with 1.400 million tons of water of sea in order that the crystals of salt form a mirror that reflects the solar light.

To take advantage of the forests to attack the climatic change


A correct management can help to attack the climatic change by means of forest repopulation (to plant new trees) and reforestation (to return to plant deforested zones), beside avoiding the felling of the forests.

In the tropical zones especially, where the vegetation grows with rapidity and, in consequence, it(he,she) eliminates the carbon of the atmosphere with major speed, to plant trees can eliminate big quantities of carbon of the atmosphere in a relatively brief time. In this case, the forests can store up to 15 tons of carbon per hectare a year in his(her,your) biomass and in the wood.

The ideas:

The solution of the geritol

The company Planktos, of Forster City (California), already is executing for the potential ecological consequences. The idea is that the iron stimulates to the plankton to multiply his(her,your) photosynthesis, extracting CO2 of the air. This in turn would form a green soup of ravenous algae of CO2, which would be in his shift show restraint for different fauna. In essence, the CO2 would be going to stop to the sea.

The false volcano

When the Pinatubo did eruption 16 years ago in the Philippines, cooled the Earth for almost one year due to the fact that the particles of sulphur in the high atmosphere were reflecting part of the solar light.

It would be necessary to inject every month to the atmosphere tens of thousands of tons of sulfates.

Spatial parasol

Last autumn, Roger Angel, astronomer of the University of Arizona proposed a " solar shade ", a cloud of 16 trillions of small ships in the shape of Frisbee who would be placed between the Earth and the Sun and would act as parasol, reducing the solar heat.

The model would demand 20 million launches of rockets loaded with discs. It would cost approximately four trillions of dollars for 30 years, or more.


Artificial trees

Klaus Lackner, teacher of Columbia's University, wants to use a process of " air apprehension " with so called instruments " artificial trees ", which use filters to absorb the CO2 of the air and to turn it into compressed or liquid gas to have him in another part. Every filter of the size of a television might absorb a year approximately 25 tons of CO2. But then there would be necessary to pay to make this CO2 kidnapped somewhere.

If the tests work, the company expects to throw in international waters sufficient iron to extract from the air three billion tons of carbon.

It can only for seeing the effect that would have on the marine ecology the addition of similar tonnage of a greenhouse gas.


Geographical aspects

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Economical aspects

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Social aspects

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Political aspects

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