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List of tasks / expected results / achievements for Spain

{{#ask: start date::+ Country::SP| ?Start date| ?Event title = What| format=table|sort=Start date }}

  • Event type (A = Achievement, R = expected Result, T = Task)

For further details click on the event´s short name in the first column.

Subscribe to list of upcoming events

Calendars of all upcoming events the Comenius Programme W.A.T.E.R. are available in iCalendar format, which can be subscribed to by most calendar tools. The calendars are likely to be updated as new events are added, so it is recommended to instruct your calendar application to update from time to time (i.e. to subscribe and not just to import once). {{#ask: [[end date::>2019-03-21]]| ?Start date = date| format=rss| searchlabel = Subscribe to upcoming events of W.A.T.E.R.@Comenius| rsstitle = W.A.T.E.R.@Comenius| rssdescription = Upcoming tasks, expected results, achievements }}. Note: The calendars provided do include links to the according page on this site, but many tools fail to display those. Also, all calendar items contain unique IDs that should enable tools to avoid duplicates when importing multiple overlapping calendars. Again, many tools do not support this functionality.

Add a task / expected result / achievement

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