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--Es.gif Nuria 09:26, 26 March 2010 (UTC)

Geographical aspects/France/Group 1

I have read all of the geografical proposals and all of them are very interesting. my favourite proposal though it is more interesting is proposal nº 1 by Sophie and Houssem "The fresh water supply" it is a very good idea build a reservoir so all the water dont go into rivers

Geographical aspects/France/Group 2

I find very interesting both of proposals 1 and 2 from proposal nº 1 i think it is a good idea collect the water of the rain and then help poor countries and from proposal nº 2 i thin it is very important that all of us contribute to save mountains and the picture was very interesting

Geographical aspects/France/Group 3

well, i think that reducing the number of tourists would be the best solution though all the gases of cars and the ski lifts are making that the isle of Maldives desapear!!