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Cultural experience: Enjoy one unforgettable week in Spain
The Lope de Vega Cultural Programme offers students of different nationalities and backgrounds the possibility to develop values and socio-cultural abilities nowadays essential to the formation of our children in an ever more competetive world, through a unique programme in a secure and protected environment in one of the most famous tourist centres of Europe: Benidorm, Spain. Read more about us, where we are and what we offer.
And look at the testimonies of former experiences: Locos por Benidorm - Crazy for Benidorm.

Basic program for one week (it is possible to vary the duration of the stay):

  • Accommodation: 7 days/6 nights - full board accomodation in double rooms, assistance and security 24 hours
  • Spanish language and culture, sports and games
    • 8 hours inmersion in Spanish language and culture
    • Exchange of experiences in several academic areas according to the students level
    • Intercultural workshops: recovery of traditional games
    • Use of all school sports facilities: swimming pool, gymnasium, paddel court, amongst others
  • Cultural & technical visits
    • Introduction of the local authorities: a visit to the City Council and City of Benidorm
    • Social, economic and cultural reality of Benidorm: a technical visit to a hotel
    • Introduction to Sustainable development I: a guided visit to the local Natural Park Serra Gelada
    • Introduction to Sustainable development II: a visit to MundoMar Theme Park

A wide range of optional artistic and sports activities are offered, organized and monitored by specialists on our own Sports facilities.

What makes us different: Each group will have personal attention according to its neccesities. Over 50 years experience dedicated to global education are at your service.
Contact us via Email: ComplejoVacacional@LopedeVega.es, phone: +34 965 854 150, or fax: +34 965 867 943