How to: change your signature

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1. According to your country click on either:
--> France: 20100212_Lista_usuarios_Comenius/Fr
--> Netherlands: 20100212_Lista_usuarios_Comenius/Nl
--> Sweden: 20100212_Lista_usuarios_Comenius/Se
--> Spain: 20100212_Lista_usuarios_Comenius/Es
2. On the corresponding page look up your User name and copy the whole respective line; e.g. 
[[File:Es.gif|15px]] [[User:MyUserName|MyUserName]] 3. Click on "my preferences" on top of the page, look under "User profile" for "Signature",
paste the above mentioned code;
tick the box saying:"Treat signature as wikitext (without an automatic link)" and SAVE. 4. Ready; now your signature, whenever you use it applying ~~~~, should have your country flag in front of it, like: Es.gif  Sz DonLopeWiki 22:48, 22 February 2010 (UTC) 5. Any doubts? Please write me: