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Presentation 5th October 2012


Andrés T‎

How does it work? Biofuels are made from two main sources

- Growing crops such as corn,sugar cane,soya or rapeseed;or from palm oil - Growing algae

For let vehicles working,the product we usually use is biodiesel or bio-ethanol. Bio-ethanol need to be mixed with petrol to let it work while biodiesel can be used pure. Biofuels are potentially carbon-neutral,because although carbon dioxide is released when we burn them , carbon dioxide is taken in by the plants as they grow.

About the release of carbon dioxide: there is a difference between the release of carbon dioxide of burning fossil fuels and the release of carbon dioxide of burning biofuels! Further you had to tell how electricity is produced with help of other biofuels. You still have to answer that question!--L.Doolaard (talk) 16:59, 2 October 2012 (CEST)

Where can you find plants of this source and why ? You can find them all over the world, the most are in the USA, the biggest plant for other fuels (because it's the bigget one) is Dynoil LLC created in Texas,USA.

Joke C‎

Can it be used in the nederlands or in spain, why?/why not?

Yes it can, because all of those biofuels are made of crops. Crops such as rapeseed contain oils that can be processed into biodiesel. Crops such as sugar cane contain sugars that can be fermented into bioethanol.

Algae (that's pond scum) are microscopic water plants, the algaes are then filtered out of the water and the lipids(oils) are used to make biodiesel.

Is it expensive?

In general, alternative fuels do tend to be less expensive than gasoline and petroleum diesel fuel, more or less 0,25 euro per kilowatt

Bram P‎

What are the effects on the environment?

The main use for biofuel is to make less greenhouse gasses, but the amount of greenhouse gasses can be changed a litle bit by the way the plants are grown. like planting the seeds the firtilize them than you have to harvest and plow everything. then the plants go to mashines that make oil of them and then you can drive them to the shop. al the actions cost energy and the transport cars and tracktors used on the land need fuel. this way it al cost ennergy and from the fertillizer and transport cars comes some greenhouse gasses. the kind of plant used for the biofuel is also important becouse mais saves 1.8 tonnes of gasses per hectare and switchgrass saves 8.6 tonnes per hectare. all by all this way also uses energy and makes some greenhouse gasses.

Is it expensive?

To grow the crops there is needed a lot of technology to plant the seeds, to fertilize them. when they are grown you have to harvest them and to plow the ground again. Then all the plants have to be produced to oil. The way to make fossil fuels ready for use you first have to drill the oil and bring it to the tank. The way for fossil fuel looks cheaper only because it’s fossil it is expensive. The biofuel is calculated to be about 0.25 cents per kilowatt.

Kirsten C‎

Advantages and disadvantages of this energy source?


- Biofuel operations help rural development.

- Biodiesel can be used in any diesel vehicle and it reduces the number of vibrations, smoke and noise produced.

- They are renewable.

- Biodiesel has a high flash point, making it safer and less likely to burn after an accident.


- Biofuels take a large expanse of area to grow. Land will have to be cleared for more growth.

- A lot of water is used to water the plants, especially in dry climates.

- New technologies will have be developed for vehicles for them to use these fuels. This will increase their prices significantly.

Romee van der V‎

how much electricity is generated in one plant


Is it renewable?

Biofuel is renewable because the process that generates the fuel is ongoing. Trees can be regrown, sewage can be converted into methane, and oil and alcohol can be generated from various plants. Biofuel takes carbon dioxide from the air as the original vegetation grows, and returns it when burnt, so it has a neutral carbon footprint.

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