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Hi, my name is Blanca I am 12 years old, my birthday is the 14th of May. I am from Spain. I like swimming, I also like shopping, I love to travel. My friends and my family are the best thing that I have, they are the reason why I smile every day. I love being with my friends and go to the cinema with them. I also like reading adventures and romance books and listen to music, i like a spanish group called "Gemeliers", they sing very well, I also like many diferents american singers, I love Music!. My favourite colour is blue, I love sports, also I play with my BFF football in our way, we also sing extremely loud Phineas and Ferb songs around the football grid. I love taking photos everywhere i go, and I like taking photos every day I go out with my friends, (for remember it). I spend lot of time on instagram. I speak many languages (spanish, english, a little of french and a little of Chinese) This is my life! This is me!