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Hello, my name is Claire Louise Davison, I am English, from Cornwall, but I moved to Spain about 6 years ago. I now go to a school called Lope de vega, that is in Benidorm. I go to year 2 ESO B. I am 13 years old, and my birthday is on the 30th of September. I live in Alfas del pi, in a big house with my mum, dad and older brother, Daniel (16 years old)I also have two pet dogs, cookie and Benji, they are not a specific breed, but they are both very cute. Cookie hates everyone. He barks at every single person that comes to my house. My favourite animals are dogs or horses or dolphins, I love all animals, but snakes and spiders and bugs...My favourite color is blue or lilac, my favourite number is 7 and I love pizza, ice cream and sweets :)I enjoy spending time with my family and also going out to the cinema with friends. This year I have done the exchange with my school, to Holland, my exchange partner is Famke, and I can not wait to see her later on this year-11 :D