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Hello, my name is Jaime, I am 13 years, I like play paddle, my favorites subjects are spanish language and physical education. My favorite colour is the blue.
I´m funny person, I have many friends, I hate my brother (is very annoying), but, sometimes I´m annoying too with other people. I like jokes, also the sweets...
My hobby is watch the TV (my record are twelve hours). I´m not very tall, I´m not very heavy and I don´t like the school (only because my friends are there).
I never travel by plane, so when I go to Holland, will be my first time. I live in Benidorm (in the center) so, the beach is near. I´m not a good student but always 
I try do the things good. My grades are not bad. I don´t have a normal family, they are VERY crazy but, I like that because sometimes are very funny and I'M laughing with