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[[Hi!!! I really miss all the ductch people i can't wait to go to netherland. My name is Sara Ivars, I'am 13 years old, my brithday is 25 of April. I life in Spain, and I go to school in LOPE DE VEGA. Now i am in 2 of ESO A. I have one sister, she is 10 years old. My favourites colours are Pink and blue. I like pizza and hamburguers but i also like spaguettis and other things. I hate vegetables. I like to do sports. I don't think that I'm so good in Mathematics, or Science, or something that isn't English, P.E, Spanish or Dance. I like to stay with my friends and go shopping. My Best friends are Anais, Sandra, Tania, Meg and we have a group STAMMS. I like so much go shopping with all my friends... My favourite number?? I don't have any one. I don't think that any number is cool.On April 2014 I go to Holand, and I change with Dounia, she is soo good i'am good with she, i think that this year is going to be also so nice. I have to do the project of Geothermal power. BYEE :)]]

[Can it be used in Nederlands or in Spain?] [In Spain it can't be used beacuse we don't have volcanic activity common also in Nederlands it can't be used because they don't have any tectonic plates frontier near and either they don't have volcanic activity common so it is difficult to use de geothermal power in both places. Only in 24 countries can use the geothermal power because you need that the magma is near to the earth and only it happens when there is a volcano near the country] Placas-tectonicas-movimiento.jpg