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Is wave power renewable?

Yes, wave power is renewable, because this energy is constant. It is a continious moviment that never ends. It is very important to take advantage of this energy because the sea or the ocean never stops moving. We can save a lot of money and we can protect the environment at the same time. The ingeneer investment is made once and the waves last forever. It is not like gas, minerals or fuel that are not renewable. The wave power energy has no limit. This type of energy could be used by most of the contries in the world because a large percentage of the planet is water. Non renewable energies will end but the waves will still be there and this energy will be one of the energies most used in future.

I liked doing this kind work because I am learning a lot about the different types of energy. I am working very hard with my group. I am practising a lot my English and i like it. I hope that my trip to Holland will be nice and confortable. I hope that Holland will be all the nice and interesting that I expect.

See you at the airport, Tobi.