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Hello my names is Victor and I am 13 years oldand i live in France in Bourg en Bresse . 

I like play football in a club and I like sport.My favourite team of football is "Lyon".I like reading and my favourite book is "CHERUB".I like video games and Fifa 11 . My father is technician and my mother is secretary. I have one sister,she is 9 years old I have one cat. Her name is Circé.


_AMONT OF MEAT: about 150g by week

_WATER USED: 8min for shawer, 7 glass of water, 2 flush of toilet,1 washing machine,30second for broshing my tooth.

_PAPERS USED: 7 pages of papers and 1 page of my dayry and some newspaper for the fire.

_ELECTRIC DEVICES: 25min of video games by day , 20 min of computer by day,40 min of TV by day and 40 min of radio by day.