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I am Ms. Doolaard, teacher of Science and Chemistry at Maaslandcollege in Oss. In the schoolyear 2011-2012 Ms. Termeer and I did our first exchange with 26 students from class 2P of our school with Lope de Vega. In schoolyear 2011-2012 we did the second exchange (now with 21 pupils from class 2Q) with Lope de Vega. In schoolyear 2013-2014 we've continued the exchange. From Maaslandcollege, 17 pupils from class 2P took part in the exchange.

This schoolyear we were very happy to continue the exchange again. From class 2P, 27 pupils are taking part.

In the exchange the students investigate the topic 'How can we generate electricity in Europe'.