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My name is Regi Garciaa, i'm from Amsterdam but living in Benidorm Spain, i'm 16 years old and studing 4ºEso

I work on motor bikes,karts, quads dirt bikes now im working on a Aprilia Rs track bike.

I tune them to Use them on the local circuit, and some of them on the road not every thing is legal but it is really fun to do

Next year i'm going to work on a Husqvarna 450 RR for track racing

Husqavarna 450 RR

example: this will take me to the moon Interesting: tuning parts

Rotor.jpgThis is verry good for the bike of kike 20.000 RPM page of enrique Et-VCR-RD30188.01.jpg Mhr.jpg Mhr1.jpg Mhr3.jpg


TMI I.png

[1] Este enlace te lleva a la tabla de consumo de mi casa