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hi, my name is jamie I like football and tennis Im 13 ,I have 1 brother and 2 sisters

How does it work? -Water is pumped up to the top reservoir at night, when demand for power across the country is low.

Where can you find plants of this sourceand why? -In the mountain because there is a good clima

Can it be used in netherland/spain why?why not? -netherland no because there arent mountains -spain yes because there are mountains

Is it expensive? -yes

What is the effect on the enviroment? -The water falls 600 metres on its way to the turbines, so it's under a great deal of pressure when it arrives. For this reason, the tunnels -are lined with steel at the bottom end.

Are you depedent of the other countries/people when you want to generate electricity with this energy source? -no

How much electricity is generated in one plant? -288 MegaWatts

What are the advantages and disadvanges of this energy? -Advantages -Without some means of storing energy for quick release, we'd be in trouble -Little effect on the landscape. -disadvantages -Expensive to build -Once it's used, you can't use it again until you've pumped the water pump up -But the industry is very good at predicting when the surges in power demand will happen, so good planning can get around this problem

Is it sustainable? -yes