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Hi! My name is Alicia Devesa Balaguer. I'm 12 years old and my birthday is the 12 of July. I have got one sister she is 10 years old. My favourite color is purple and my favourite sport is basketball. I have got 2 dogs and 1 bird. I live in La Nucía (Spain). In summer I like to eat ice cream but my favourite food is macarroni. My hobbies are basketball,dance,go shopping and go with my friends.I hate cats but overcoat black cats. I like the monkeys they are very funny.I want a dolphin but I can't have a dolphin.In the school my favourite subject is Lenguage. I love my city Benidorm is very funny and in summer you can go to the beach and this is amazing. At nightime on the TV I see "El Hormiguero" I think that is my favourite TV program. I have been in this school Colegio Internacional Lope De Vega sice I was 2 years old.I am in 1ºESO B. My partner in the exchange is Kiara Vlemmix.I can't to wait to go Holand and see Kiara.I love chocolate. Byeee! :)

Nuclear Energy

  1. How does it work ? A set of pipes buried in the ground by circulating water yield or extract heat from the earth for cooling or heating in summer or winter.
  2. Where can you find "plants" of this source and why? -Not because there can be no plants around the machine that produces the energy.
  3. Can it be used in the Netherlands,why?/why not? - Of course because this energy is for all the countries
  4. It is expensive? - It is very expensive
  5. What is the effect on the enviroment? - The effect it has on the environment is to harness sunlight
  6. Are you dependet of other countries/people when you want to generate electricity whith this energy source? - Dependet to other country to this energy source.
  7. How much electricity is generated in one plant? - The plant produce a lot of energy.
  8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this energy source? - Advantages:You use the sun's natural energy and soil. - Disadvantages: Termination of the heat.
  9. Is it sustainable? - Yes is sustainable because the land makes sustainable.
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