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Mi nombre es Christian y mis apellidos son Camacho Gerlich. Tengo 2 perros y una perra se llaman Simba, Pitufo y la chica Paisa. Tengo 13 años es mi 3º año en el Colegio Internacionel Lope De Vega. Voy a 2ºB de la ESO. La persona que me a tocado en el intercambio con Holanda es Jan. Mis paginas normales que entro son:, y Juego en el mejor equipo del mundo el Benissa, tambien mi equipo favorito de Futbol español es el Madrid. Me gustaria que el jugador David Villa se recuperara para la Eurocopa. Tengo ganas de ir a Holanda para ver a Jan. Work Part 1.

1. The wind blows on the blades and makies them turm. 2. The blades tunrs a shalt iside the pacelle. 3. The shalt goes into a garbox wich in creases the rotation speed enough. 4. The generator, wich usus magnetic fidels to conbert the rotational energy into electrical energy. These are simy lar to those foundin normal power station 5. The power ourput goes to a trasformer wich converts the electricity coming out of the generator at around 700 volts to the right voltage for destribution system, typicall 33,000 V. 6. The pational grid transit the power around the country. Part 2. The best places for wind farmsare in costal areas, at the thops of rounded hills, open plains are gaps in mountain-places where the wind is string and reliable some are affshare. Part 3. Can be in all places where is much wind as espeally along the coast.

hey christian it's Merik, Pepijn and Tim we need for the presentation from the wind power can you send us the powerpoint presentation we made there at your school. We need it for a presentation. Furthermore how are you? everything allright? are you coming back to holland I hope so talk you soon. Bye

Hello Merik, Pepijn and Tim I'm need your email for send. Bye Bye