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[How does it work? The natural heat ]How does it work? The natural heat of the earth comes from a molten rock calles magma, located at the centre of the earth with a temperature of 5000 degrees centigrade. The rain water from the atmosphere seeps down to the centre of the earth then the magma heats the water until it becomes a superheated fluid. below the geothermal resource wells are drilled 10.000 feet below the earth"s surface to reach the superheated fluid. These wells bring the superheated fluid to the surface of the earth to generate electricity.The superheated fluid goes into a machine that is called "The Crystallizer-reactor clarifier". This process will turn the superheated fluid into steam, while removing solids from it. This proces will repeat 3 times into a seperator with different levels of preasure. After the fluid is turned into steam, it is delivered into a turbine.Turbines are the most important equipment used to transform geothermal energy into electricity. The force of the steam is used to spin the turbine blades. When the blades turn a shaft, this shaft is directly connected to an electrical generator. It forms an electric charge that rotates the magnets in the generator. when the magnets turn copper bars carry the electrical charge. At the end the electrical charges are sent to a "step-up transformer" where te voltage of the electrical charges re increased. All reamaining geothermal fluids are injected back into the reservoir for reuse. Binaryplant.gif