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Hello! My is Eduardo and i´m an Spanish student. I haven´t got brothers or sisters, but i've got a little and lovely dog called Copito. He is a maltese. My hobbies are football and tennis. I play football sala here, in the school, and I play tennis in Calpe tennis Club. My deutsch student is Theo Van der Donk. He is a very nice boy. I live in Altea,concretely in Altea Hills, in the mountain. My work is about solar energy, and I hope you enjoy it.


How does it work? Sun warms up a solar panel and heat goes trough a pipe until the water tank where heat warms up the water.

Where can you find plants of this source and why? You can find plants of solar energy in very hot places, like Andalucía. This is the ranking of the first 10 countries in the production of solar energy.

1. Germany: 9.785 MW

2. Spain: 3.386 MW

3. Japan: 2.633 MW

4. USA: 1650 MW

5. Italy: 1.167 MW

6. Czech Republic: 465 MW

7. Belgium: 363 MW

8. China: 305 MW

9. France: 272 MW

10. India: 120 MW

Can it be used in Netherlands? Why? Why not? No, because Nederlands is very cold and the insolation is minor than in Spain.

Is it expensive? Yes it is, because solar panels are very expensive.

What is the effect in the enviornment? It is a clean energy, there are not effects in the world.

Are you dependent of other countries/people when you want to generate electricity with this energy source? No, because Spain is a very hot country and there are lots of solar plants here.

How much electricity is generated in one plant? It represents a 0,03% of Spain’s energy production.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this energy source?

Positive: Non-polluting energy, does not require much maintenance, sun is free...

Negative: Solar panels are very expensive, ocupies much space, it doesn’t produce energy when it’s cloudy.

Is it sustainable? I don’t think so, because it’s very expensive, it doesn’t produce much energy and it doesn’t produce energy when it’s cloudy.