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Hello my name is Irene Llobell Llobell. I am fourteen years old and I go to the college Lope de Vega in Benidorm.


Solar Power

  • How does it work?

There are three many ways that we use the Sun energy:

- Solar Cels: (Realy called "photovoltaic", "PV" or "photoelectric" cels) that convered light diretcly into electricity.

- Solar Water Heating: Where heat from the Sun is used to heat water in glass panels on your roof.
Solar Boilers: The man way that a conventional gas "combination boiler" continually wastes energy is by replenishing stored water as soon as the volume or temperature decreases.

- Solar Furnaces: Solar furnaces are basically hage "solar cookers". A solar cooker can be used in hot countries to cook food.


Websites Solar Power

  • Where can you find "plants" of this source and why?

We can fins "plants" in USA(California), Spain(Andalucia and Valencia), Canada, Germany, Latin-America(Chile and Mexico), Iceland and New Zeland


These countries are the best places to installed systems solar power because his radiation of W/m2 is longest.


  • Can it be used in Spain, why?/why not?

If that we can use the solar power in Spain


Because it is in the South of Europe.

Why not?

Only in the North wouldn't be possible. Because there is not much sun.

Parts of Spain were it could used in: Extremadura, Andalucia and Part of Levante.

Parts of Spain were it couldn't be used The North of Spain: Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and Pais Vasco: Bacause there aren't many sun hours.

  • Is it expensive?

Him solar power is today still too expensive for most of owners.

Him solar power costs $8-10 for installed watt. The truth esque the price of the lots isdifficult to generalize. In a condition, an owner can be capable of obtainingmore than the half of his system of solar power paid for the usefulness, stateand federal reductions or fiscal incentives. In another condition, an owner canbe made alone except the federal fiscal incentives that apply each one tothemselves.

The majority of the systems of solar power of house end for costing between 20,000dollars and 40,000 dollars before incentives.

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  • What is the effect on the environment?

Solar power does not affect the environment, contrary to other power systems.

Websites How does Solar Power effect on the environment?

  • Are you dependent of other countries/people when you want to generate electricity with this energy source?

In case of Spain if that produces his own electric power from his solar power.

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  • How much electricity is generated in one plant?

In the solar power we can generate about 10 kws during a sunny day. We can think that during a sunny day a panel generates around 150w at any one time and throughout the day we can generate even 1 kwh depending the catalogued factors above.

Website How much electricity is generated in Solar Power?

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of this energy source?


- Inexhaustible fuel source

- No pollution

- Versatile - Is used for powering otems as diverse as solar cars and satellites


- Doesn't work at night

- Very expensive to build Solar Power stations, althought the cost is coming down as technology improves

- Only areas of the world with lots of sunlight are suitable for Solar Power generation

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  • Is it sustainable?

The "sustainable" word is used in environmental and circles of energy to refer to the sources of power that will not become exhausted. With that definition, solar power is considered to be sustainable because we suppose that the Sun always will shine.

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