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My name is Kimberly de Romijn. I´am 12 years old and my birth day is the 2 of may. I`am in this school this year. I`am dutch but now i live in Spain 5 years with my dad and my mum and my lovely doggy Roxy in Alfaz del pi. My favourite color is purple. My favourite number is 7. I like to do a lot of sports like football, padel, basket and swimming. I like gone a go to the sport center, shopping center, play with friends and go to cinema on sunday. In de change of Dutchland and spain i go to change with Suzan Sluiter, and in the work about the wind power i go whit 4 boys they are realy great so when you have finish this writing you can see some thing about our work. For Suzan:I hope to see you again !!! lot of kiss for your family and write me soon!!! I like to be an (embajadora) I like the most animal not all the animals.I like study but i doesn`t like do homework. My favourite subjects are English and Maths. My favourite music is pop. I like TV series like Ncis Navy investigation and Merlin. My favourite book is Fairy Oak. I like a lot my friends dat i have now in my live and what i have now. I`am so lucky dat i can go to holand and go there for one week and see the friends dat i make in holand, and dat some friends about my school are gone a go with me. BYE

Wind power:

1.How does it work?

- The wind power work::he wind blows on the blades and makes them turn. The blades turns a energy inside the machine. The energy goes into a gearbox which in creases the rotation speed enough. The generator which uses magnetic fidels to convert the rotation energy into electrical energy. The output goes to a transfer which converts the electricity .coming out the generator around 700 volts to the right voltage for distribución system typical 33000 volts. The pational grid transit the power around the country.

2.Where can you find (plants) of this source and why?

- you can find the wind power in all the world because it is good for the environment.

3.Can be used in Spain Why? / Why not?

-Yes we can used in Spain, why we have a lot of coast and the mountain are very high so we can have a lot of wind.

4.Is it expensive?

-Yes it is .

5.What is the effect on the environment ?

-The effect about the wind power on the environment that in a lot of places the sun heates the Eart and the wind power gift them a little breeze.

6.Are you dependent of the other countries/people when you want to generate electricity whit the energy of this source,?

-No we are not dependent of the other countries / people only for the bird.

7.How much electricity is generate in one plant?

-Modern wind turbines range from around 600 kW to 5 MW of rated power.

8.What are the advantages and disadvantages of this energy source?

-Advantages: It is good for the environment. -Disavantages: The blades of the wind power generators are raking with some birds.

9.Is it sustainable?

-Yes it is

Kimberly de Romijn