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Questions about Biofuel.

1. Is it expensive? Biofuel isn`t very expensive, but bioful have derivades that are more expensive than Biofuel 2. What is the effect on the enviroment? Biofuel isn't pollutant because old the products are biodegradable like; vegetable oil, sugar cane, or even soy and corn products. 3. Are you dependent of other countries/people when you want to generate electricity with this enery soucre? No in my country we don´t dependent of other countrie to use this energy soucre 4.How much electricity is generated in one plant? Biofuel reached 105 billion liters in one plant and this plant take away to old the countrie or to other countries. 5.What are the adventages and disvantages of this energy soucre? Advantages Biofuel advocates frequently point out the advantages of these plant- and animal-based fuels, such as: Cost Source Material Renewability SecurityEconomic Stimulation BiodegradabilityLower Carbon EmissionsDisadvantages Despite the many positive characteristics of biofuels, there are also many disadvantages to these energy sources. Energy Output Production Carbon Emissions High Cost Food Prices Water Use Availability Smell

6. Is it sustainable? Yes it is.