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Hi, my name is Maria Garcia Ponce. I'm 13 years old my birthday is 13th the of February. I have got 1 sister, (she is 9 years old). I live in Benidorm (Spain). My favorite hobbie is basketball and running. My favorite food is macarroni and pizza. I like going with my friend, going to parties and shopping.My favorite animal is dolphin.My favorite actor is Mario Casas.I like watch TV, play with the computer and ride bicle. I like pop music.My favorite TV program is "El barco" and "El Hormiguero". I have in this school (Colegio Internacional LOpe de Vega) since I was two years old.I am in 1st of Eso. My partner in the exchange is Faye Smith, I can't wait to go to Holland to see Faye.My favorite colour is purple. My favorite subject is Maths and P.E.


How does the work?Tidal energy works through a coupling to an alternator that uses the tides to produce energy.

Where can you find “plants” of this source and why?On the seabed where this energy is used, can not have plants because the propellers of the device that makes it work and transform energy, break and shatter the marine vegetation.

Can it be used in the Netherlands, why?/why not?Tidal energy can be used in all countries where there is sea and the Netherlands, they are like turbines that are placed on the seabed and produce energy through tidal.

Is it expensive? Yes, is very expensive place in the oceans

What is the effect on the environment?Do not harm the environment because it is a renewable and clean energy

Are you dependent of other countries/people when you want to generate electricity with this energy source? You do not need to depend on anyone to use this energy because it not pollute and is silent so it does not bother anyone.

How much electricity is generated in one plant?This equipment may generate a lot of electricity.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this energy source?

The advantages:are that it is self-renewable, non-polluting, is silent etc ...

Disadvantages: negative impact on flora and fauna dependent on the tidal amplitude, very expensive etc ...

Is it sustainable?

Yes,is sustainable because otherwise subjects can not stand in the water