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Hi my name is Miranda Martinez I live in Benidorm.. I`m 14 years old. I like watch TV my favoruite programme is Tu cara me suena and El barco and my favourite actor is Yon Gonzalez.. I like make up hihi and listen music. I have one sister her`s name is Ada she is 9 years old. I hate the animals but i love the dogs and monkey. My favourite singer is Alejandro sanz and Carlos baute,and Vida Grimey.

How does it work? Organic waste is put into a sealed tank called a digester (or bioreactor) where it is heated and agitated. In the absence of oxygen anaerobic bacteria consume the organic matter to multiply and produce biogas.

How much electricity is generate in one plant?

Each cubic meter (m3) of biogas contains the equivalent of 6 kWh of calorific energy.

However, when we convert biogas to electricity, in a biogas powered electric generator, we get about 2 kWh of useable electricity, the rest turns into heat which can also be used for heating applications.

2 kWh is enough energy to power a 100 W light bulb for 20 hours or a 2000W hair dryer for 1 hour.

Is it expensive?

Biogas plants can take various shapes and forms.

A simple agricultural plant could cost as low as $3,500 per electrical kW installed. Municipal food waste plant can cost up to $19,000/kWe installed!

Every project is different. A typical payback on a biogas plant is 7 years.

Biogas systems are significant capital investments that require careful planning to maximize the chances of success.

If you feel exposed to energy price fluctuation and you have an environmental conscience about your waste then a biogas plant could be a sustainable solution for you. where can you find plants of this source and why? Moreover, Pakistan Dairy Development Company has also taken an initiative to develop this kind of alternative source of energy for Pakistani farmers. Biogas is now running diesel engines, gas generators, kitchen ovens, geysers, and other utilities in Pakistan. In Nepal, the government provides subsidies to build biogas plant.