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Hi, My name is Nicole Zurita Round, I'm 13 years old, my birthday is the 7th of March. I have got 1 brother, (he is 18 years old) and 1 sister, (she is 20 years old). I live in Benidorm, (Spain). My favourite hobbie is dancing. I like going out with friends, shopping, playing with the Wii with friends, I like pop music, my favourite food is spaguetti and I love going to a chinesse restaurant. On Saturdays, after going out with friends I like watching a film with popcorn. My favourite animal is the dolphin. On summer I usually travel to England, and in Spain I like going to a water park near my house named Aqualandia. I hate studying, I think it's very boring. On TV I like watching programmes like The Simpsons Tú sí que vales El hormiguero... My favourite book is Twilight, New moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn and I love the films of all them books. I can speak, English and Spanish. In the exchange my parter is Demi Van Erp, I can't wait to see her. Bye =)

Wave Power

-How does it work? Ocean waves are caused by the wind as it blows across the sea. Waves are a powerful source of energy. A way of getting energy from the waves works like a swimming pool wave machine in reverse. At a swimming pool, air is blown in and out of a chamber beside the pool, which makes the water outside bob up and down, causing waves. At a wave power station, the waves arriving cause the water in the chamber to rise and fall, which means that air is forced in and out of the hole in the top of the chamber. We place a turbine in this hole, which is turned by the air rushing in and out. And finally the turbine turns a generator that generates energy.

-Where can you find “plants of this source and why? (3 examples) -Spain: 1 in Cantabria and 1 in Galicia -Portugal -Hawaii ·Because they accomplish some special requirements which are the next ones: -Positive or negative impacts on marine habitat (depending on the nature of additional submerged surfaces, above-water platforms, and changes in the seafloor). -Toxic releases from leaks or accidental spills of liquids used in those systems with working hydraulic fluids. -Visual and noise impacts (device-specific, with considerable variability in visible freeboard height and noise generation above and below the water surface). -Conflict with other sea space users, such as commercial shipping and recreational boating.

-Can it be used in the Spain, why/why not? -Yes. -Because waves there are strong enough to create energy. -Is it expensive? Actually this energy is not to expensive, it cost (4 cents / kWh).

-What is the effect on the environment? - It occupies a lot of room and this pollutes visually ways.

-Are you dependent of other countries/people when you want to generate electricity with this energy source? - No because Spain already has its own wave power plants -How much electricity is generated in one plant? -The

energy is stored in an "Energy Bag". It stores 70MW per hour. That's 

equivalent to about 14 hours of wind generation in normal conditions.

-What are the advantages and disadvantages of this energy source? Advantages: - It is a renewable source. - It doesn't cost a lot of money. - It takes advantage of a valuable energy source Disadvantages: - It pollutes visually because it is a type of plant which occupies a lot of coast.

-Is it sustainable? -If it always has the same rhythm of waves, it will be sustainable.