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there is one power plant in the netherlands that is still functional, in borselle. it's called the EPZ.Kerncentrale borssele.jpg the second last functional power plant was in Dodewaard, it was closed in 1997 but, it has not been unmantled yet. the government has decided that they will wait for 40 years until they open it again.

there are also 2 plants that are in holland, but they do not make energy, but they are there for research. these plants are located in Delft (South-Holland) and in Petten (north holland).

in spain, there are 10 power plants, 2 of them are closed, 3 are canceled and 5 of them are active. together they produce 21% of all the energy in spain.

this is the top 3 of the countries with the most operating nuclear power plants: 1. United States with 104 active plants 2. France with 58 active plants 3. Russia with 33 active plants

actually japan should be on the second place becouse they once had 54 active plants but after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, they had shut down all their plants. but now they only have 2 functional plants.