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Hi, my name is Vicenta Baldo Perez. I'm 13 years. I live in Alfaz. I have a sister she is smaller than me. I have one dog. I like watch TV, I love Mario Casas (is an actor).

Fossils Fuels

  • How does it work?

First they the Burn Fuels->The fuels they are burned down they heat it to make steam->Steam turns turbines->Turbines let the generators turn->The generators make electrical power.

  • Where can you find plants of this source and why?

1.Saudi Arabia 2.U.S. 3.Russia 4.Iran 5.Mexico 6.China 7.Venezuela 8.United Kingdom 9.Norway 10.Canada 11.Netherlands 12.Great Britain 13.Romania 15.Algeria 16.Indonesia 17.South Africa 18.Australia 20.Nambia 21.Spain 22.Gabon 23.France

Basin countries are relatively poor in fossil fuels, except Brazil, wich hus significant reserves of cual and sele gas reserves an Argentina and Lignita.

  • Can it be used in the Netherlands, why?/Why not?

Yes,meet the conditions to intall a central fossils fuels, are you need to have a good abundance of coal, oil and gas.

  • Is it expensive?

Yes,because to build the plants, their machines are expensive and not an energy.

  • What is the effect on the environment?

The electricity sector is unique among industrial sectors in its very large contribution to emissions associated with nearly all air issues. Electricity generation produces a large share of Canadian nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide emissions, which contribute to smog and acid rain and the formation of fine particulate matter. It is the largest uncontrolled industrial source of mercury emissions in Canada. Fossil fuel-fired electric power plants also emit carbon dioxide, which may contribute to climate change. In addition, the sector has significant impacts on water and habitat and species. In particular, hydro dams and transmission lines have significant effects on water and biodiversity.

  • Are you dependent of the other countries/people when you want to generate electricity with this energy source?

It depends on the country. There are other countries that do not. For example, Argentina yes and Brazil no.

  • How much electricity is generate in one plant?

Depends on the plant site and is being discussed. But usually be made much energy.

  • What are the advantages and disaventages of this energy source?

-Advantages: They are easy to remove. Its wide availability. His great continuity. They are inexpensive compared to other energy sources.

-Disadvantages:Its use results in the emission of gases that pollute the air and are toxic to life. There is a depletion in the short or medium term. When used pollute more than other products that could be used in its place.

  • Is it sustainable?

No, at some point, will end, and it may be a need for millions of years of evolution and decay similar to reappear.