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Hi my name is, Jaime, i'm 15 years old. I like play football. Vida Grimey es lo mejor!

in general the hydro electricity power is waked up by falling/flowing water but thats to simple to say. it is not dangerous for the environment it is mostly dammed water that flews/falls treu a pipe and in that pipe there is a generator for hydro electric power. how much energy you get lays on the volume and the height between the source and the water outflows. now a explanation abuot how it goes from beggining to end: itstarts with dammed water it goes treu an intake for cleaning the water(and the generator doenst get dirty)it goes treu the penstock where te water is speeded up. then it goes from the penstock to the turbine were the generator is in it.if the generator spins around it makes the electricity. the turbine is for let the water pass the generator two times.theupside of the generator is into the power house where the electricity is generated. in the power house there are power lines to deliver the electricity to the houses.and the water that was used for generating the power becomes an river. hehydro electric power or also called water power, is used 6 thousend years bc .then it was used but that was like irrigation. around zero ad there became water wheels for grinding the flower or weed.2.the 3 important hydroelectric power plants in the world:

  1. three gorges dam in yongtze river(china)
  2. the itaipu dam in paraná river.(on the border between brazil and paraguay)
  3. krasnoyarsk on the yenisey river in russia

why they are important:

  1. because it has a very big flow is also increases the yangtzee rivers shipping capacity.
  2. because the river is very big(that means a very high amount of electricity)
  3. it has a very big flow and has many generators

the comparison of the nederlands and spain (of the power plants): NEDERLAND:in the nederland it only can be done on small scale. like water wheels. if you tryed it on the maas or the rein is it whill over flow the sides of the river.