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My name is Maëlys SAILLY. I'm in 4°C european section at the college Saint-Pierre. I'm 13 years old. I live in Montcet, next to Bourg-en-Bresse. My birthday date is 8 october. I've one little brother, his name is Emeric. My mother's name is Carol and my father's name is Christophe. I had a horse, Rocoeur and now I've an other horse Florianne and a rabbit, Nutella. I like eat, ridding a horse, my familly, my horse and my rabbit and my friends, the sun, every seasons, my swimming pool. I don't like carrots, the cold My friends's name are Adélaide, Marine, Mégane, Valentine, Constance, Laura, Jade. I speak french (I'm French), english and a bit spanish. Meat: 3 pieces of meat (100g) Water: 15 minutes under my shower Electricity: 1 hour Paper: 7 sheets of paper