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My name is Thibault Merle. I'm 13 years old. I was born the 28th of Jully. I'm in 4°C in St pierre.

I've two brothers: Sylvain and Christophe. . Sylvain is 17 years old and Christophe is 20 years 

old. I live in Montrevel en Bresse. I do martial art the Thursday night. I've got one dog. His name is Fripon. The name of my school is St Pierre. I like reading, playing on my computer... My parents are pharmacist. They works at Montrevel en Bresse.

MEAT                                                         ELCTRICITY WATER  PAPER 

200 grammes of meat at lunch and 100 gramme of meat at diner.5 hours20 Litres10 sheets of paper.