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My name is Emma GIBERT, I'm 13 years old. I was born the7th of June in 1997 I'm in 4°C in Saint Pierre school. I've got one older sister, she is 16 years old and her name is Pauline. My father works in a school, he is teacher; and my mother works in a school too, she is cooking. I like gymnastic, reading, sport, my friends, go to the cinema... I live in a house, and I have got a cat. His name is Pep'ss. I do gymnastic on Tuesday at 7 o'clock to 8h30. Ma sister do swimming pool on Wednesday. My father and my mother do swimming pool and bike the week-end.

During the day, I ate 130 (one hundred fifty) grams of meat (chiken), I used about 8 liters of water for my shower, I used 8 sheets of paper for write during the day and a feew sheets of scrap paper for my exercices and my revisions. I left the lights on of my house about four hours, for watch TV, eat, do my homework and read in my room.

 MEAT          ELECTRICITY       WATER        PAPER 

130 grams 4 hours 8 liters 8 sheets