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Other Fuels


In this essay, I'll give the answers to the questions below about how the generate sustainable electricity.

*How is Electricity generated with help of your energy source?

biofuel is made of two main sources algae and crops. Some crops contain oil, that can be produced into some kind of biofuels

*Where can you find "electricity generating plants" of this source and why?

You can find them all over the whole world, but most of them are in the UK because there are the biggest plants.

*Can it be used in the Netherlands or other countries in Europe,why?/why not?

Yes, It can! more than 20% uses biofuels. Biofuels are made of crops that crops can even grow in Europe.

*Is it expensive?

No, not very, some biofuels are more expensive than others it's like 0.25 euro per kilowatt.

*Advantages and disadvantages of this energy source


- Biofuel operations help rural development.

- Biodiesel can be used in any diesel vehicle and it reduces the number of vibrations, smoke and noise produced.

- They are renewable.

- Biodiesel has a high flash point, making it safer and less likely to burn after an accident.


- Biofuels take a large expanse of area to grow. Land will have to be cleared for more growth.

- A lot of water is used to water the plants, especially in dry climates.

*How much electricity is generated in one plant?

Slightly more than 19% of the crop is used for biofuels.

*Is it renewable?

Yes it is, because we can plant more of those crops everywhere we want.