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What has this bus to do with a Wiki?? Click on the correct solution!


The origin

float left Is the Wiki a bus? Of course not, but the picture tells us something about the concept. This bus is a "quick-quick-bus" in Hawaii. The U.S. citizen Ward Cunningham, a software programmer, wrote the WikiWikiWeb and made it available 1995 on the Internet. He named it after the local shuttle bus at the airport in Hawaii, called Wiki Wiki, a reduplication of "wiki," a Hawaiian word for quick.
  • Wiki is Hawaiian
  • Wiki wiki means quick or very fast (but also eager)
  • Wiki is an acronym for WikiWikiWeb

The meaning

The word "Wiki" is used with three different meanings:

  1. "Wiki" -> "The Wiki software"
  2. "Wiki" -> "A Wiki website on the Internet, like our WIKIdeVEGA-Portal
  3. "Wiki" -> "The Wiki principle"

When we use the word "Wiki" in WIKIdeVEGA, we normally refer to its meaning as a website. We shall use the term Wiki engine referring to the software and Wiki principle(s) or Wiki characteristics, when we talk about its features.

In a nutshell: "A Wiki is a jointly edited website that uses wiki software, allowing the easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages, using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor, within the browser." - Sligthly altered text taken from Wikipedia.

All Wikipedia?

There are thousands and thousands of Wikis in the Internet. The Wikipedia is a wiki, but not every wiki is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is obviously the best known wiki. Its name is build from the words "wiki" and "encyclopaedia". Wikipedia and the WIKIdeVEGA use the same wiki software MediaWiki.

Further reading

Wiki explained at Wikipedia.

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