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What is a Wiki and how does it work?

A short explanation of wikis and how they can be used to coordinate a group Lo mismo en Español

Quick and easy

  • You can learn it quickly. Students are often familiar with the major features already after the first lesson.
  • You do not need HyperTextMarkupLanguage knowledge to create a webpage in Wiki.
  • Basic Wikisyntax is relatively simple and the toolbar simplifies handling.
  • You can establish new pages quickly and edit them easily. Who knows text processing can easily establish pages and edit them.
  • You can react quickly. Everything happens online and in real time; therefore you can see, comment or change contributions.

Networking and cooperation

A Wiki is about networking and an excellent tool to promote cooperation among people.

  • Thematic networks are established very easy between pages and websites related to the issue of concern. People cooperating temporarily on an issue or project of common interest together, like for instance in the well known Wikipedia.
  • People networks are easily formed whilst working on the issue of common concern using this communication tool, like e.g. within the Comenius:Programme.

Wiki design and security

A Wiki is content focused, open and secure.

  • The focus is on the content.
  • Pages are not bloated with "gimmicks".
  • Everybody may read everything.
  • Registered users can make contributions and upload files.
  • Administrators structure the Wiki, help and guide the users.
  • Any change is recorded and can be restored.
  • The content can be assigned to respective authors due to the version history.

Política de uso aceptable

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