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What is a Wiki and how does it work?

Basic principles of a Wiki in general are explained at Wiki characteristics, their use(fulness) in educational environment is explained e.g. at Teaching Today. There are thousands of wikis about almost every theme. A list of some important wikis can be found at the Wikipedia

Wikis in the educational sector

Before going on with the pros and cons of using a wiki in education, one possibly should start with the basics: existing teaching models in modern pedagogy.

Tutorials and guides

A nice collection of tutorials and guides can be found at: I especially recommend the Wiki Walk-through, covering themes from "What in the world is a wiki?" to security and copyright issues. One handy example proposed to be used for our wiki in its translated and adapted version: Política de Uso Aceptable (and recommended for use at other schools) is the Sample Wiki Warranty Form from TeachersFirst. However, the portal is strongly biased towards the hosting services of Wikispaces and alike, claiming to have given away 175.000 free webspaces to the basic educational sector.


Many examples for wikis in the educational sector can be found, e.g. at Examples of educational Wikis, and. together with some personal statements of the originators at Educational wiki ideas. However, only few examples could be identified for Spain (or Spanish speaking people), created to serve quite diverse objectives:

The above mentioned sites are hosted by Wikispaces. Some more can be found for Chile in WikiEduca. One very interesting portal from the German Association Center for teaching media on the Internet is the Zum-Wiki in German, an open platform for teaching and learning, used to exchange information, experiences and ideas about teaching and school. Indeed we have contacted the administrators and with their consent adapted some ideas, templates and content from their site.

Best educational wiki 2008

At the EduBlogAward you may look at the list of nominated wikis for the 2008 best educational wiki award, vote, and maybe get ideas for our own wiki, e.g. at the WikiEducator/English version or the WikiEducator/Spanish version.